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Following the initial project we created for the client 14 years prior, we were called in to expand the office to another level. The client’s brief was simple – provide a space where we can meet with clients in a relaxed manner, akin to that of a comfortable livingroom setting.


Our concept was equally simple – make the connection between the existing office and the new meeting spaces the core of the project. Make it restrained, make it clear, make it bold. Create one element that impacts two floors.


The inspiration for the work was Tom and the brand he has created. The stone staircase is the stone wall and vice versa, as if carved out of a singular block of stone. The stone is hollowed out the top, punching a hole through the roof to the sky. While the stone stair is the physical connection between the two floors, it is the light that truly connects the spaces. The stone is carved further, creating crevices, revealing the timber that expands across the two floors.   


Overall we’ve attempted to achieve an elegant interior that demonstrates Tom’s commitment to the future and the care with which he desires to treat his clients.


We selected and manufactured furniture to tailor each space relative to its function. Sofas are designed and fabricated to suit the professional office environment. Selection of quality fabrics that soften and enhance the spaces bound by stone and glass. The backdrop of a heavy luxurious curtain lined with a delicate sheer fabric to add lustre and finesse.


The timeless aesthetic, used in a modern manner that speaks to the longevity of the brand, is calm and minimally luxurious.

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